Our Process

When it comes to protecting your pride and joy from rust and corrosion, we have the best options available, made especially to suit your vehicle’s specific requirements. Our coverage options are suitable for protecting classic cars, passenger cars, 4×4 off road vehicles and commercial fleet vehicles.

Stage 1: Pre-clean Inspection

We begin the process by driving the vehicle onto our ramps, covering and protecting all of the paint and bright work on your vehicle, then we remove all of the wheels, tape up the breaks and remove the exhaust pipe to carry out a full inspection.

First comes the pre-clean. This involves a pressurised steam clean to remove and break down all dirt, salt, road grime, traffic film, tar, old wax oil and old protectants that may be on the vehicle. Our rigorous pre-clean procedure gets into all the nooks and crannies, tiny cavities, suspension areas and components, plus all of the areas on the vehicle you can’t actually see, ensuring a complete, top to bottom clean.

This is followed by a more gentle clean, using a non-hazardous chemical to remove any remaining residue, then we dry the vehicle thoroughly to remove all moisture that may have gathered during the clean, so that we can ensure it’s completely sound to move on to the next stage of the service.

Stage 2: Examination

Next, we carry out your complimentary health check. We begin by moving the vehicle onto a second ramp in our temperature-controlled room, ready for treatment. In here we have various heating devices available and a state of the art extraction system, along with relevant tools required for protection application. In this heat-controlled environment we’ll perform an extra inspection of the undercarriage and let you know of any rust or corrosion you may not have been aware of.

Stage 3: Protection application

At this stage we offer you a choice of protection from the two brands we work with; Dinitrol or Waxoyl. Once the brand has been selected we will either apply a clear or black protector.

Using a clear protection allows owners to see all components of their vehicle and is typically used on restored vehicles, or vehicles that are in great condition.

Black oil is applied to vehicles that are structurally sound, however they may have some imperfections that owners may want to hide.
Once, the brand and oil type is chosen, we apply it all over and heat treat it to cure your chosen protection onto the chassis, providing a long lasting finish.

Stage 4: Heat application and refitting

So what gets protected?

  1. Underbody
  2. Floor pans
  3. Chassis rails
  4. Wheel arches
  5. Suspension components
  6. Springs and shock absorbers
  7. Suspension arms
  8. Drive shaft
  9. Differential
  10. Wheel hubs
  11. Sills
  12. Fuel pumps
  13. Break and fuel Lines

We also offer a third protection treatment; Cavity wax oil. This is a thin, water displacing spray wax that is designed to go deep into the cavities of a vehicle, protecting various areas of the vehicle from rust, inside and out.

The components protected with cavity wax oil include:

  1. Inner chassis rails
  2. Inner sills
  3. Bulkhead
  4. Inner doors
  5. Engine bay
  6. Inner chrome bumpers

Stage 5: Complimentary clean

Once the vehicle has been protected it will then receive a final heat treatment where heat is applied to the vehicle to ensure that all of the protection and sealants are cured onto the metal.

We then carefully remove all of the previously applied masking and the refit the wheels and exhaust pipe.

The final stage includes a complimentary internal and external clean of the vehicle, concluding the Rust Protection Service, ready for the customer to drive their vehicle away.


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